My aha! moment so far…

After years of living life without noticing the little daily wins, I’ve taken the time the lockdown has provided to journal the aha! moments I experience as I strive to learn to be a better writer (and person).  I thought I’d share some of these insights as time goes, hoping to inspire you to reviewContinue reading “My aha! moment so far…”

Help! The future is coming!

Read about how microbial mats may help us have a better future…

Redefining success

A letter I wrote to myself to remind myself who I want to be on the days it is hard to get myself to take action. What if your definition of success?

Those Old Footprints

Have you ever noticed that footprints in the mud end up being erased by the next rain? Yet, somehow there are places in the world where footprints from thousands of years ago are perfectly preserved? Read on to learn how they may have been preserved!